Welcome to Potomac Construction Group, the past, present, and future of construction. From concept to completion, we’ve been building value in Fort Myers since the early 1960s.

We take pride in our efforts to work productively with everyone involved with our company, and believe our strength lies in our ability to work, along with our consultants and owners, as team players.

Potomac Construction Group employs over 20 staff in the Fort Myers. We are a credible, dependable company with a strong presence in Swift Current and surrounding areas.

We play an important role in construction because of our corporate philosophy of integration, flexibility, safety and customer service, combined with a highly skilled project team.

The Construction Division of the Group is one of the largest Design-Build Contractors in Fort Myers and therefore are chosen by Owners who understand that our unique Corporate philosophy combined with our highly skilled Project Team will ensure their projects will be successful.

With the knowledge of local conditions, local suppliers and local Sub-Trades, and with the strength and support of our office, Potomac Construction will be able to meet any project requirements that you may have. If you need any kind of painting services, we have also good relation with some painting company in Gateway. So, If you have any questions please click here and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you have.